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professional organizing services

in-home assessment

tag&stash begins with a walkthrough of your home and a brainstorming session to discuss potential improvement points to create thoughtful, long-term solutions for your space, as well as put into place functional tools and easy methods to maintain the space moving forward. we will discuss your lifestyle & family culture, strengths & weaknesses, long-term goals, functionality and effectiveness of organization, and your budget & timeline. we will then create and implement a plan of action sustainable to your ongoing success and personal growth
serving decatur, monroe and the greater atlanta metro area

the great reset

work alongside our tag&stash organizers as we declutter, purge & organize your entire home, or specific rooms or spaces within your home, bringing function, order & clarity to your personal space, OR provide us with your vision and let us do the rest

pre-list staging

this service is perfect for the seller who values the idea that “less is more” when selling a home. tag&stash can help you declutter, depersonalize, purge and organize your space into a “ready to show” home, as well as use our expertise to evaluate your home’s current condition, make recommendations on how to improve its overall appeal to prospective buyers using a decorator’s eye, and put those suggestions into action by rearranging your existing furniture & décor, adding low-cost home decoration ideas (we absolutely LOVE throw pillows!!), and decluttering personal photos and home décor to aesthetically enhance the space

relocation & remodels

tag&stash can assist you in getting your new space turnkey ready by unpacking & organizing your space using functional systems & aesthetically pleasing products for a clean, clutter-free, feel-good space you’ll be proud to call home 

refresh | reset

tag&stash offers this service to existing clients who need a spruced-up refresh of their previously organized spaces. this can be anything from seasonal closet changes to styling resets


whether you’re choosing to simplify your life or moving into a smaller home, downsizing can be overwhelming & difficult. let tag&stash help you with your journey


tag&stash will shop for the perfect container & organization solutions within your budget. shopping fee includes the time we spend shopping, ordering, returns & pickups