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tag&stash organizing hacks- march 2023

cleaver way to fold those dreaded sheets

closet organization

if you’re like most women we know, your closet needs more space! there are certainly a ton of neat closet organizers, hangers, and other ways to increase space in your closet, but we found a clever organizing hack to double and triple hang your clothing using, wait for it….. an aluminum soda or beer tab!

simply bend the tab up and down until it pops off, loop the tab on one of the hangers sliding it downward until it rests on the neck of the hanger, then loop the second hanger through the other side of the tab – like shown below:

it’s that simple and creates instant space in your closet to double and triple hang your blouses and pants!

using broom hangers for hair tools

broom hangers help keep brooms and mops tidy, but did you know you can also use them to neatly store your hair tools and accessories? we absolutely love this cost-effective organizing hack that takes seconds to install! you can purchase these at most stores including home depot, dollar general, walmart, and amazon. they come in a variety of styles and feature self-adhesive mounting or can be affixed to a cabinet with screws for heavier items (we love the peel and stick kind!). they are sold in 2, 4 and 6 packs and vary in color and price. simply peel and stick to the inside bathroom cabinet door or linen closet and voila, you have an instant new space to organize your hair tools!