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from little girl to tween – a change of space 

just a few short years ago, right before my eyes, my daughter moved from being a little girl into a tween. she no longer wanted the little bird bedding, curtains, and the cute girly bookshelf filled with all her favorite children’s books, or her art projects, trophies, and other collectibles like the adorable jewelry box she’d had since she was a baby. she had long since moved on from wearing sweet little girl dresses into wearing nothing but leggings, sweatshirts, and jeans. it was a profound change and with that change came the necessity of reorganizing her space.    

first, we replaced her bedding and bought sheets with a modern flair. we donated her custom-made curtains and replaced them with long velvet ones, then got rid of the circular pink rug and put in its place a subtle, gray one. we bought a storage bin and packed away her favorite books, art projects, and trophies, and found a lovely modern earring and necklace holder that fit the dozens of earrings and necklaces she’d collected over the years.   

it was now time to tackle her dresser drawers and closet space, which were busting at the seam. we needed to make changes to ensure we had room for sweaters, bulky sweatshirts, t-shirts, nicer shirts, jeans, leggings, sports bras, pj’s, underwear, and socks. we began by removing everything from her drawers and closet and piled them in mounds on her bed. at first sight you’d think putting it back together would be like taking square pegs and trying to fit them into a round hole – i could no longer group the items into simple categories, such as keeping underwear, socks, and pj’s together in one drawer, or jeans and leggings in another. she now wanted everything to be separate – a drawer for leggings and another for jeans, a drawer for workout t-shirts and another for regular t-shirts. we decided to purchase drawer dividers to better organize her undergarments, which was not only functional, but also created additional space for her jeans and leggings. next up….the closet!    

in addition to her shirts and other hanging clothes, we needed to make room for purses and a collection of shoes while minimizing the space for things like dresses. we found a nifty purse holder that provided space to hang a collection of her favorite purses and fun totes she used regularly, and a great over the door hanger to organize her shoes. since she no longer needed the long-hanging space in her closet previously occupied by dresses, we found an excellent hanging closet organizer to neatly store her bulky sweaters and sweatshirts. not only did we get her organized, we created closet space to accommodate a growing wardrobe! 

the end result was a happy mom, and a very happy tween who loves spending time in her newly decorated and organized room.  

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