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marking it off the list

as january rolls around each year, i get motivated to get fit, eat healthy, be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, yada-yada-yada. i look forward to starting new projects around the house and plan new adventures for my family over the upcoming year. unfortunately, like so many others, life gets in the way and the excitement quickly dwindles after the first few months leaving feelings of guilt for once again breaking the promises we’ve made to ourselves. sound familiar? well, i changed it up this year. instead of making new year resolutions that would start jan 1, i took a leap of faith and went all-in, feet first, in december by deciding to follow a long-time dream of starting a professional organizing business with a friend who shared the same dream. i figured if we put the ball in motion in december, it would have momentum by january and would roll downhill from there. we were right!  

for as long as i can remember i have wanted to be my own boss. i was a paralegal and law management consultant in my previous life, and while i loved my job, i exhausted many valuable years of my life helping make other people’s businesses successful. my favorite boss of all time gave me a t-shirt that said, “i’m not bossy, i just know what you should be doing.” he thought it was so funny, and so fitting because when i went to work for him i immediately began organizing and creating new processes that helped the office flow better and even rearranged his furniture while he was in court so it felt more inviting versus feeling like a sterile law office (he loved it by the way!). i wore that shirt proudly then, and still sleep in it 30+ years later (even though it’s tattered and torn and should probably be tossed, it will forever clutter my drawers for sentimental purposes, shhhhh!). while the quote is funny, it’s actually pretty spot on. 

since childhood, i have loved organizing. i loved to organize my closet, my drawers, my friend’s closets and their drawers, and then into adulthood I helped organize law firms across the country – i truly enjoy helping others find creative and functional systems that simplify life whether it be at home or at work – if you didn’t know how to do it, i’d be the one to tell you how (hence the bossy part😉), or even better, show you how. through the years i’ve helped family members and friends alike get organized. i love a challenge and see clutter as just that – no judgment, simply a challenge. i’ve been told over and over i should organize people for a living – and while i always knew it was something i would love to do and be good at, i was afraid to get out of my comfort zone, but boy, am I glad I did!

admittedly there are things in my own life i procrastinate doing – we all do! if i examine them closely, they are usually things i am either not good at or things i don’t enjoy so i put them on the back burner for later. i realize now that people do the same thing with organizing their homes, their work, their lives – there’s always tomorrow, then the next, then the mess becomes so big that you’re embarrassed to have anyone see it – if this sounds like you, don’t be embarrassed – you are our ideal client!! we are here to help you, not judge you. you see our business model is geared towards helping people thrive in their home environment and while every person, home and circumstance is different, there is one shared commonality, which is being disorganized and living with clutter is exhausting. 

if you decided on jan 1 to get organized, don’t wait another day, another year – invest in yourself now – you are worth it! bite it off in small pieces – one space at a time. if you can’t find time, or need help, hire a professional organizer like kerri and i to help you attain your goals – let this be the year to mark it off your list and make room for things you enjoy and bring you happiness. your mind, body and spirit will thank you. 

and, for the record, if any of this resonates with even one person, i consider my december resolution a success, and that my friends, makes me happy! cheers to meeting your resolutions! 

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